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Escape The Speakeasy

Escape The Speakeasy

What a time to be alive. The 1920’s, a historical landmark of parties, fashion, and fun. Oh, and the prohibition of course. Alcohol is illegal, which means that drinking had to be done in secret. Thus, the speakeasy came to be. Called speakeasies because one had to “speak easy” about them so that they can remain secret, these underground bars were a staple of the prohibition era. The only issue with these secret hangouts? Everybody knew about them. That includes the police.

Being the classy folks that you are, you only patronize the finest speakeasy in town, The Grandview Underground.  Disguised as a barbershop, this place has the best booze, gambling, AND clientele. Your loyalty has captured the attention of the owners and they bring you outside the bar to proposition you: They just got notice that the bar is going to be raided in a little over 60 minutes. Knowing your connection to the police, they have hired you to contact your man on the inside and stop this raid.

As soon as you agree, the owners bolt, along with all of the patrons. Now you’re faced with a problem: the phone booth outside is locked, and the code is hidden somewhere inside the bar. You all have 60 minutes to stop this raid before the police come and mistake you for the owners of this bar. Complete this mission, save the bar, AND get a nice monetary reward for your efforts. Are you up to the challenge?

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