On the final hike of the season, you and your fellow Happy Campers are on your way to Old Man Wilson’s cabin for a night of fun and ghost stories. However, Wilson wasn’t as crazy as they say and Bigfoot might be real. Now he’s missing, and Bigfoot is at the door.  

Can you escape?

They always say “ignorance is bliss”, but Area 51 is not the only hidden government base... in fact it’s just a distraction. There's a cover up so much bigger and dangerous than you could imagine. You have 60 minutes to get in, AND OUT of a top secret based before it is destroyed, burying all the evidence (and possibly you) 100 feet below ground.

Can you avoid being BURIED?

PHONE: 567-316-7028

During this deadly zombie pandemic, The military is looking for qualified men and women to go deep into the infected territories to find vital pharmaceuticals.

You've qualified to take the final live exam in a remote cabin in the woods. Do you have what it takes to be part of the world's elite PharmaHunters? 

What could go wrong?

We all know how ineffective typical team builders usually are! Why not change all that with an escape that they will be talking about for days?

Our trained team of actors understand the importance of keeping everyone involved and ensure everyone is engaged and enjoying themselves while they have fun - and isn’t that the most important point? Whether we host an event at our location or you take advantage of one of our mobile events, we will work with you to create an escape they’ll actually remember!

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2410 KEY STREET 43614

MAJOR CHANGES at Trapped in response to Covid-19 

  • Private Rooms ONLY - all rooms are 4-8 individuals.
  • Enhanced Cleaning - We've always been sticklers for cleanliness, but our actors will even more aggressively clean and disinfect all surfaces prior to your arrival.We will also use aerosol disinfectants prior to your arrival.
  • New check-in/Lobby procedure - ​Individuals/Participants MUST arrive 15 minutes prior to showtime - no earlier, no later - you will NOT be allowed into our disinfected lobby prior, and will be required to follow specific protocol once here.

Questions? Comments? - shoot us an email at

We've moved, but not far.

Program your GPS to 4400 Heatherdowns Blvd. Once you get to the Colonial Village Shopping Center, we are right next to the Barber shop on the Northwest corner of the plaza (down from Dollar General)

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