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Trapped Toledo was established in 2014 and has been serving Toledo with interactive escapes since. We aren’t like most escape rooms because we have live actors in our rooms helping you along the way for an hour-long experience. We have 3 escapes to choose from, which one will you book today?


Difficult: Easy

Howdy folks! It’s your final camping trip of the season for your troupe and Camp Counselor Carter is here to help guide you on your weekend to get your final badge, your Bravery badge! Once arriving at Old Man Wilson’s cabin, you hear some rustling in the bushes and see something tall, furry with BIG feet- BIGFOOT! You need to find something to ward off Bigfoot, and fast because sundown is fast approaching! Can you find what you need to scare off Bigfoot and not get Camped?

Difficult: Medium

Hello and Welcome to Covenant One! You’ve been called in by Reilly, an undercover reporter, working here as a file clerk for the past year and half. They have discovered the final piece of their story – film evidence from the Roswell crash site – is locked away in an underground bunker. Reilly needs backup! It is your job to help Reilly find these reels. Can you find the reels and escape before you get Buried?

Mutated 4: Frostbitten!
Difficult: Hard

ATTENTION SAVIORS! Although we believed we took down Pharmacorp once and for all,  we have received word that Pharmacorp scientists are maintaining a secret cryogenic lab off the grid. Our communications team has discovered intel regarding a data upload containing dangerous information, including how to create a new  antidote resistant strain of the zombie virus. We, the uppers of the Saviors are calling on volunteers to become the Protectors! This team is going to be led by recruit Sampson (who really needs your help…) Can you stop the data upload before you get Mutated? WARNING: Features live zombie actor! This is a more intense experience, much like a haunted house. Recruits be warned!

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