Trapped Toledo



These are our hour long mobile attractions. Great for corporate events and birthday parties, these escape rooms come to you. Experience costs $25 a person and prices vary depending on distance from our business. Customers need to have at least two mobiles at their event. The mobiles are as follows.


The CEO of Colonel Bo’s Southern style rib sauce has unexpectedly passed away. Unfortunately, he never shared the recipe of his award-inning sauce with anyone, and now his attorney has gathered a list of individuals he believes would be worthy of his inheritance. Will you be able to find his secret recipe in time?

Blown Away!

A super villain has trapped you in a room with a bomb, threatening to blow up you and the city to smithereens. The mayor’s assistant made this discover, but you better get moving fast. You only have 60 minutes to disarm the bomb and save the city. Will you be able to disarm the bomb in time?